On the day Harry Styles' adorable Central Park romp with Taylor Swift became public, we were reminded of another set of photos that we stumbled upon during our Boy Band Week photo research.

The simple set of Getty photos—the earliest images of One Direction in the photo service's archive—are hardly revelatory, a dozen or so pictures of Harry, Zayn and Niall joining fellow contestant Cher Lloyd on a snack break from X Factor recording. But for some reason, we keep coming back to them. Even though the pictures are scarcely more than two years old, they offer a glimpse at a world that seems very far away. Before Up All Night, before "Want U Back," these were just four normal kids out for some junk food, with all the dirty sneakers and embarrassingly dyed hair that fame had not yet stamped out of them. Look at their scowls; they're not even used to the paparazzi yet. Unlike those Central Park shots, these are the furthest thing from staged.