Taylor Swift made a lot of waves around these parts recently with her long-promised dubstep song, "I Knew You Were Trouble," with the mere idea of "Taylor Swift" and dubstep having reason to exist in the same sentence seeming like one of the year's more mind-blowing musical propositions. Did the country-pop princess have a deep love for Skream and Flux Pavilion that we didn't know about? Was she going to show up on the RED tour with a Skrillex haircut?

Not too likely, unfortunately. Not only was the song kinda underwhelming in its wub-wubbiness, but now Taylor says that when she first started with the song's production, she had never even heard the D word before. She explains to MTV:

I wrote this melody for this chorus on the piano, and I brought it to Max Martin and Shellback, and I said, 'At the end of the chorus, I just want this to go crazy. I want it to be really chaotic'...I don't really know what to call it, but I just kind of sing it how I want it to sound. And they're like, 'Oh, sort of like a dubstep thing.' And I'm like, 'I guess, I don't know? Whatever that is, whatever that ridiculous sound that I made with my mouth when I was trying to figure out what to say,'

Awww, what a meet cute. From that moment of revelation on, we're sure Taylor and dubstep were inseparable. She's probably skanking and headbanging to some Nero remixes as we speak, as the camera pans up to the sky.