Which Celebrity Endorsed Sex Toy Would You Use?

Which Celebrity Endorsed Sex Toy Would You Use?

Celebrity endorsements are big business.

From the super successful collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike to the not so smart alliance between Kim Kardashian and a certain pregnancy drug, companies know the power of a celebrity endorsement can send their product stratospheric.

Macy Gray Dedicates A Love Song To Her Trusty Vibrator

Well the sex industry wants in on that too, but for some reason, while it's become ok to talk openly about their devotion to their trusty toys, most celebs are reluctant to put their name to their favorite sex products.  Not so former Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra, who is taking the plunge into the adult accessory industry and starting her own lube line—Electra by Carmen Electra.

Introducing Katy Perry’s Firework Vibrator

In a bid to help her fans spice up their sex lives, she's partnered up with sex toy maker, wonderfully named, Fleshlight, and is launching the range of personal lubricants for ladies in three varieties;  Sensitive, Warming and PH-Balanced.

Wow, that's really going to pep up the dirty talk in the bedroom; "come on baby, lets realign my PH-balance".  It's gotta be a winner.

Alone Time For Boys Just Got Better—The Worlds First ‘Guybrator’

Despite the off-putting name, it may well prove to be a big seller yet, because if the research in 2011 was correct, we are now well into the ten year prediction that the number of "pleasure goods" will increase to 400 million globally and manufacturers are getting the message that we don't mind inviting celebrities into our bedroom.

Check out these brave famous faces who aren't shy about doing their thang...




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