White Ladies Rapping—Ellen Degeneres Rebel Wilson Spit Flows.. About Cats

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White men can’t jump and white chicks can’t rap.

Or at least some white chicks—case in point, Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson, who come up a little short despite giving it their best go on the Ellen Show today—Popdust has video.

Ellen and Rebel have formed a new group, imaginatively titled, RebEllen and they spit out some flows—about watching cat videos online.

#GangstaLife… indeed.

“By popular demand we formed a rap duo called RebEllen - get it? - and our first album is dropping today,” Ellen announces.

“It's called White Ladies Rapping. I thought I should have a release party right now.”

Enter Rebel, rocking a bedazzled Adidas sweat suit with her pseudonym Reb embroidered across the back.

“Let me put my ring back on, cause you got this for me, didn't you? Deezy.” DeGeneres says, showing off a huge bedazzled ring worthy of any aspiring rapper.

The newly formed rap duo proceeds to rattle off their favorite tracks from their “upcoming album.”

Baby Got Backfat,” Rebel says.

“One of my favorites is Booty Slap for Africa,” she continues. “There's that one, One In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush. That's our more romantic kind of ballad.”

“The song that's really blowing up the charts though, when it gets to the charts it will blow up, is Watching Cats on the Internet,” Ellen chimes in.

“I mean, I heard it's already been downloaded like, five times,” Rebel quips. “Do you guys want to hear it?”

Cue deep beat.

“Kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty cat,” Rebel raps. “It's a Saturday night and I'm feeling alright... tonight I'd rather be watching cats on the Internet.”

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