Whitney Houston Sings And Sparkles In Final Acting Role

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Among the things left unfinished following Whitney Houston's death was her upcoming return to the big screen in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 movie musical about a trio of singing sisters. Following her death, we've seen footage from the set of Houston's last completed project, and been privy to the studio's decision to move forward with an August 17 release date. The first trailer premiered on Today Monday morning, bringing with it a glimpse of Houston's first acting in 16 years and a surprising guest panel ready to give their take. In the film, Houston plays as an overprotective mother to three talented daughters, paralyzed by her past flirtation with show business and skeptical to let her children go down the same path. Jordin Sparks plays the titular character and daughter to Houston in her feature-film debut, while Derek Luke, Mike Epps and Cee Lo also star. In addition to the original film's classics like "Something He Can Feel," which has since been popularized by En Vogue's cover, the project also features new music from Houston, Sparks and Cee Lo.

While the initial clip that aired this morning was all too short, featuring minimal footage of Houston and too much unwanted commentary from Kathie Lee Gifford and Pat O'Brien, Yahoo! Movies has thankfully released a full version that shows the hauntingly angelic singer performing in a church choir, as well as the lovely smile many would like to remember her by. Watch below.


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