If there's one thing that pop divas hate more than anything: Paparazzi, bad hair stylists, broken fingernails, rude gas station attendants—it's seat belts, travel's last refuge of the mere mortal. Whitney Houston tried her best to explain this to the crew of her Delta flight from Atlanta to Detroit yesterday afternoon, but they were predictably unmoved, eventually being forcibly buckeled in by a crewmember before takeoff. "She wasn't drunk, drinking or on drugs; she was just exhausted," a source tells People magazine by way of explanation, and we can't help but ask the obvious question: Is that really that much better?

Of course, what we're really reminded of by this incident is that other most prominent Whitney in pop culture, Miss Whitney Cummings, she of the awful eponymous NBC sitcom that somehow just got picked up for a full season. Don't you just picture Whitney Houston eventually relenting to airline pressure with Whitney Cummings' trademark "Fine...but...I won this" retort? No? Just us? Well, hopefully after watching this, you'll never be able to disassociate Houston's diva attacks from Cummings' oh-snappy argument-killer again.

Sorry, but it's like getting a song stuck in your head—the only way to get it out is to get it stuck in the heads of every single one of your closest friends.