God, sometimes it seems like these right-wing nutters just aren't even trying anymore. Fox News got wind of the unfortunate news that a White House poetry evening hosted by Michelle Obama was to feature an appearance from a "vile rapper," one considered "quite controversial" due to his his repeated lyrical "threats to shoot police" and once-stated desire to "burn then-president George W. Bush." Said "vile rapper"? Chicago hip-hop veteran Common, last seen thugging it up with Queen Latifah and the New Jersey Nets in the romantic comedy Just Wright. Hide the good china, Michelle!

What this ridiculous case of hip-hop hood-over-estimation really serves to demonstrate is that it's been too long since the country's conservatives have picked a fight with a really worthwhile opponent. In honor of today's release of sophomore effort Goblin, why isn't anyone at Fox News getting up in arms over the legitimately, self-admittedly and proudly vile Tyler, the Creator? How is this guy supposed to take his pop-guerilla antics to new levels of society-threatening hysteria without you guys playing your part by rising to his bait? Adults these days, honestly.