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Who Is Pew Die Pie And Why Is He Worth $12 MILLION?!!

If you're over 25 and have no interest in gaming/YouTube there's a chance you have no clue

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who is pew die pie—If you're over 25, and/or have no interest in the world of gaming and YouTube videos, there's a chance you have no clue

Pew Die Pie was trending high on twitter all day yesterday—for all the wrong reasons.

The Swedish YouTube star was temporarily suspended from Twitter after making some lame joke about joining ISIS.

He's back on again today—albeit with a now unverified account, and showing a meager 522,000 followers instead of his previous 8.63 MILLION.

If you happen to be over 25, and/or have no interest in the world of gaming and watching YouTube videos, there's a fair chance you have no clue who this dude is.

Well, in the social media/millenial world he's a major celeb—and he's got the bank account to prove it.

As Popdust previously reported, the 26-year-old is estimated to have earned a whopping $12 million last year from his YouTube channel.

$12 MILLION!!!!

So, who is Pew Die Pie And Why Is He Worth $12 million?

Popdust breaks it down.

Born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the web-based comedian and video producer launched his PewDiePie YouTube channel in 2010, when he was a student at Chalmers University of Technology.

Kjellberg was studying industrial economics and technology management, but made the decision to drop out of college to concentrate full time on his YouTube channel.

His parents were PISSED by the decision, and refused to help subsidize his living expenses while he initially worked to build his audience—forcing him to slave away at a hot dog stand in order to earn some much needed $$.

Awwwwww….every rags to riches story needs a little adversity and hardship included, right?

Thankfully, Kjellberg's hot dog toil was short lived as his YouTube channel quickly started catching fire, and within two years he had secured over one million subscribers.

Ha! Take that Mom and dad!

From that point on it was all plain sailing, and since 2013 PewDiePie has enjoyed the accolade of having the most subscribed to YouTube channel.

At time of posting, he has over 47 million subscribers, and back in 2014 he beat out Rihanna's Vevo account to become the most viewed too.

His fame surpassed YouTube last year when Time Magazine named him one of "The World's 100 Most Influential People".

Later in 2015, he secured the cover of Variety's Famechangers issue, and earned the coveted number one ranking by the esteemed entertainment industry publication.

So, what does he do to attract the masses?

Well, he covers newly released video games.

Yep, really.

He plays video games with his buddies and talks shit.

We always knew there was money to be made from sitting on our ass and talking shit—and now it's been confirmed!

PewDiePie's "bro army" audience has become so huge that his coverage of games has been referred to as having the "Oprah effect" in reference to the former talk show Queen's book club influence.

Not surprisingly, the huge audience translates to the big bucks as YouTube pays out each time one of his videos is viewed.

The Swede, who lives with his girlfriend in Brighton, England, is notoriously private, and has pretty much shunned the multitude of money making ventures sparked by his YouTube mega-fame.

Because, duh, Battlefield is coming folks! There's a sofa to be sat on and a game to be played!

That said, he has released his own game, PewDiePie: Legends of the Brofist.

And, in the spirit of aforementioned Oprah, he published a self-help book last year.

Well, a parody of one anyway.

This Book Loves You is a collection of aphorisms, jokes, and wisdom, paired with visuals.

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