Who Knew?!! 90s' Sex Symbols Barbi Twins Are Awesome Animal Rights Activists!

Who Knew?!! 90s' Sex Symbols Barbi Twins Are Awesome Animal Rights Activists!

The Barbi Twins' 1991 Playboy magazine cover broke records by selling out in less than two weeks. So did their second one, in 1993. The identical twin California bombshells also posed for Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, and others.

They were called "the sexiest twins alive" and "the best selling calendar models of the world"

But Shane and Sia had more noble pursuits than just cover girl-ing. They wanted to make the world a better place for animals, and they have used their brains and beauty to make a major impact.

They formed the Twin Bunnies Liberation Front or Twin BLF (formerly known as "The Kitty Liberation Front") in an effort to promote every animal's right to a safe and free life, support the promotion of companion animal population control through spay and neuter and trap and return programs (TNR) and to build public awareness of acts of animal cruelty both on the part of individuals and corporations.

Now, the notoriously reclusive Sia sits down for an exclusive interview with Popdust.

POPDUST: Why do you think it is that so many women who are so beautiful they make their living off it become animal rights activists?

SIA BARBI: Wait, is this the right interview? Because we were never delusional enough to think that beauty or talent gave us our 7.5 minutes of infamy each, we knew we were a train wreck people loved to gawk at, but would never admit to it! We were titled as the sex symbols of 1993 by top men's magazines, but mostly became the sexy poster child for bulimia. Many women that make their living off of beauty, come from dysfunctional environments, they seek approval, and feel fulfilled by "rescuing". A part of our recovery in bulimia was contribution to charity causes (animals mostly).

Hug it out.

PD: What story about an animal has touched your heart the most?

SB: The story of Ugly the cat. You could put that little kitten as the poster child for bullying. He was a stray kitty, that was so beat up, with one ear, a broken tail, one bad eye, one bad leg. Instead of seeing him as injured, they say him as "different", not perfect or up to par, so they called him UGLY, and many kids threw rocks at him. At the end, when he was dying from being bullied, someone picked him up, and he purred and craved the love he never got more than food. He was unconditionally loving while humans were cruel and cold. That is one of a million stories that touch me. Everyday there is a story, like a stray dog that won't leave the side of his dead stray buddy in the street. Or an elephant trying to hide behind a tree and zig zagging across the field knowing poachers are near. Or the pigs and geese trying to protect their babies from the farmer. How about the mama bear, used for bear bile, cruelly in a cage for year for bile, getting out and killing her baby to not have to go through what she did, and then killing herself. The sea life at aquariums becoming "imprinted" attached to their trainers is heartbreaking, because they need to be with their family. So many, it's countless and keeps me going to be their voice when they have none.

Nice balls.

PD: What is the best story you have about using your resemblance to trick someone?

SB: If someone says this interview sucks, I will blame it on my sister as always! Signing her checks was pretty cool too.....geez I hope she doesn't read this!

PD: How annoying was it that photographers always wanted you to act like you wanted to f%^& each other?

SB: Whenever we were asked if we ever fooled around with each other, I always said "please.....I have higher standards than that!!!"

It would be kind of like fooling around with myself!

PD: Is there another celebrity you have been mistaken for?

SB: When we walked off the plane years ago in the Caribbeans for a Playboy shoot, my sister walked in front of me, and all the natives of the island ran to her, not me, and asked if she was Kim Bassinger! I'm right behind her, I look EXACTLY like her, who did they think I was? Her body double? Now we just get mistaken for each other.

PD: Have you guys gotten into a physical fight since childhood?

SB: Throwing food at each other in binge black outs. In the middle of throwing the food, we would eat it, so it became a food fight turn food orgy.

PD: What do you fear most?

SB: The public revering celebrities that contribute nothing to this planet or charity ie animal causes. Or the big animal orgs, that condone killing, becoming popular cults that use donation money for only self promotion in disguise of "awareness".

Most of all, I fear my sister's metabolism being better than mine.

PD: Who has bigger boobs?

SB: If we can get my sister a Victoria Secret's push-up BUTT-BRA, it would be her because all of her boobs (some of mine) went to her butt. (cat call whistle)

PD: Who let the dogs out?

SB: The cats.

SB: I love it when women complain about men whistling at them. Talk to them in about 25 years and see if they miss it! It's hilarious to see these girls that worked SO HARD at being a sex object, complain about being treated like a sex object. Our layout wasn't of our brains, so we ran with the bimbo image, it was fun and gave us our podium for animal causes!

PD: What celeb so you think has done the most for animal rights?

SB: There are so many that I really admire that help, so many that have contributed in one way or another, like Ricki Gervais and Ian Somerhalder.You have to be clueless this day to not want to contribute to animal causes and conservation. Here are just a few of some animal pals that use their fame for animals....Willie Nelson, Joanna Krupa, Howard and Beth Stern, Elayne Boosler, Eric Roberts, Maria Conchita Alonso, Susan Olsen, Billy McNamara, Alison Eastwood, late Sam Simon, Richard and Jennifer Pryor, Katie Cleary, Debra Wilson, etc.

PD: If you could change one thing about the world. What would it be?

SB: Wish that humanity could evolve to accept and RESPECT those beyond our own race, religion, species, then there would would be world peace! Change the popular slogan GOT MILK to GOT SPROUTS, a parody to encourage plant diets that helps our planet, animals and our health.

PD: Who is the best kisser in Hollywood in your experience?

SB:My sister, I practiced with her when we were young. I was going to mention Ken Wahl, but talking about AWKWARD! (my brother-in-law).

PD: Biggest jerk?

SB: My sister for being a mirror my whole life without any originality! Clone-aphobic!

PD: What actress/model do you think is the most beautiful today?

SB: Joanna Krupa and Kelly LeBrock, beautiful inside and out, they both do so much animal charity!

PD: If you had ten minutes alone with Kim Kardashian, what would you say to her?

SB: Who?

Animal Planet called and want their animals back......preferably alive.

PD: If you had then minutes alone with Angelina Jolie, what would you say to her?

SB: Could you adopt my sister?

PD: Who would you rather meet, Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie?

SB: Layla.

PD: Why?

SB: It's Oprah's dog, and we love animals more than meeting a celebrity!

PD: Best song to have sex to?

SB: Taps!

PD: If you could kill someone and get a pass, even from God, who would it be?

SB:Let me ask Robert Durst about that one.

PD: Most random set of interview questions ever?

SB: Yes or no. BEST!

Best random answers?

PD: Totes.

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