Who Knew? Wednesday—5 Things You Never Knew About Miley Cyrus

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miley cyrus facts

Whether “she’s just being Miley” or having a “Party in the USA”, there’s a lot of Miley Cyrus everywhere you turn.

We’ve seen practically every nook and cranny of her petite frame, watched her get her twerk on in front of a live audience, and delighted (and sometimes cringed) as she blossomed from Hannah Montana into the big girl Miley of today.

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You may think you’ve witnessed all there is to see and know about today’s version of America’s sweetheart, but even Smilers may be surprised by some of these 5 facts about Miley.

Grab a giant foam finger and follow along…

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1.Would a Miley By Another Name Smell As Sweet? miley cyrus facts

Miley’s name isn’t actually Miley! Say what?

She was given the name Destiny Hope Cyrus when she was born but after being nicknamed “Smiley” for years, she used a shortened version, Miley, as her name.

According to Zimbio, she got it legally changed in 2008. I guessed she hoped her destiny was to no longer be called Destiny Hope!

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2. Hello Dolly! miley cyrus facts

The buxom blonde superstar, Dolly Parton, is Miley’s godmother, as per Zimbio.

Who knew the country crooner and the pop princess were so tight? Dolly happens to be a huge fan of her goddaughter and is in awe of her songwriting skills.

Let’s just hope the 9 to 5 singer doesn’t join Miley for a swing on a wrecking ball.

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3. What’s Up with Tat? miley cyrus facts

According to Thought Catalog, Miley’s got upwards of 14 tattoos on her bitty bod.

One of which is a “equals” sign on her ring finger to support LGBT rights. She’s only in her early 20s so who knows how much ink Cyrus will add to her frame in the coming years.

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Looks like she Can’t Stop going under the needle!

4. Coulda Been Jesse J Partying In the USA miley cyrus facts

Jessie J actually wrote Party in the USA as per BoomsBeat, and planned to record it, but realized it wasn’t “edgy enough” for her persona, so it landed in Miley’s lap.

A few years later, it would have been too tame for Miley too.

Have you seen Miley “with a dream in a cardigan”? Me neither.

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5. She Almost Didn’t Get the Gig miley cyrus facts

Can you picture anyone but Miley Cyrus in the role of Hannah Montana?

According to PopCrush, the tween almost didn’t get the role because the producers deemed her to be too young and small.

Well, she came back a year later (and bigger, presumably) and got the gig. Even Hannah Can’t Be Tamed.

So are you more Miley-wise than ever?

Who knew Miley had so much more to her than a long tongue?



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