Who Knew Wednesday—Andy Cohen Unusual Facts

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—there’s a lot left to learn about the “shotski” loving late night host that you’ll be surprised to read

He’s the reigning king of Bravo and the host with the most, but there’s more to Andy Cohen than meets the slightly wonky eye.

We see his glorious grin as it gleams with glee at the hot mess Housewives reunions.

And we know he’s looking forward to every cent that comes in thanks to table tosses and drunken dinner parties from coast to coast and even abroad.

But there’s a lot left to learn about the “shotski” loving late night host that you’ll be surprised to read.

Here are 10 Andy Cohen unusual facts that would even surprise his bestie, Anderson Cooper.

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—1

Mr. and Mr. Cohen-Cooper?

You may know of the close friendship between Andy and Anderson Cooper, but did you realize they almost dated decades ago.

As per MSN, the two were set to meet on a blind date, but after chatting first on the phone, Anderson ditched the idea.

Wonder what Andy said to turn him off? Sounds like material for a Housewives episode!

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—2

Move Over Mr. Big

As per Bustle, Andy and Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker are close buddies.

They met when Andy was a producer at The Morning Show and reconnected a year later.

They’ve been close pals ever since and often attend red carpet events together.

Surely hubby Matthew Broderick isn’t threatened.

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—3

P U Perfume!

Andy turned Lady Gaga’s pee into perfume! What?

As posted on Bustle, one time when Gaga was on the set of Watch What Happens Live, she had to tinkle and there was no toilet available, so she relieved herself in a trash bin.

Andy saved the pee and had it made into perfume as a souvenir.

Not the “#1” scent we are going to be shopping for anytime soon.

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—4

Pen(itentiary) Pals

While RHONJ reality star, Teresa Giudice was in the slammer, Andy stuck by her side and became a trusty pen pal, according to Mode.

He kept the inmate in the loop on all things entertainment.

It’s doubtful he told her about hubby Joe’s alleged bad behavior while she was on the inside though.

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—5

Tea Time

We all know Andy’s a big fan of “adult beverages” but he told Us Magazine that he’s actually addicted to tea.

With all the drinking on set of Watch What Happens Live, it’s a good thing Andy’s rehydrating… unless it’s Long Island Iced Tea that he’s referring to!

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—6

Vanderpump Rules

With all the ladies on the Housewives franchises to choose from, Andy told Us Magazine that he’s only been to the home of one HousewifeLisa Vanderpump.

If you’ve seen the size of her home, she probably didn’t even know he was there!

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—7

How Cheesy!

With all the money Andy makes, you’d think he’d have an expensive palate.

Not so. He told Us Magazine that he loves Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

He’s also a fan of dark chocolate. It’s a wonder he keeps himself in such good shape.

All the gossip must burn calories as well as the ears of those he’s throwing shade at!

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—8

Wake Us Up Before You Go-Go

Andy wears many hats, but as per MSN, he was once a go-go dancer for the B-52s!

It’s hard to imagine the normally suit and tie-wearing Andy shaking his thang to Love Shack.

Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—9

Bang Bang

Did you know that Andy is a NRA-certified rifleman?

As per Bustle, the host went to Camp Nebagamon in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin for 5 summers and learned to shoot guns.

Don’t get on Andy’s bad side!

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Andy Cohen Unusual Facts—10

‘N Sync with Lance

According to Mode, Andy once “hooked up” with former boy bander, Lance Bass.

Wonder who said Bye Bye Bye to whom?

Looks like Andy is on the other side of the interview chair now!

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