Who Knew Wednesday—Britney Spears Unusual Facts

Britney Spears unusual facts show there's more to her than meets the eye and leave you thinking Gimme More

Everyone knows that, oops, she did it again and she’s a slave 4 U, but there’s so much more about Ms. Britney Spears than meets the eye.

While shaving her head and going berserk is more than most need to have seen from a celeb, we seem to crave more and more info about our favorite girl next door turned hot mess turned ‘seemingly’ balanced mother of two.

While Kevin Federline may have some insight into these 10 tidbits of Britney trivia, you may be surprised by the juiciness.

Read on and you may just think, Gimme More when you get to the end of the list.

Britney Spears unusual facts :1

It’s Summer Lovin’ All Over Again

Who knew that the music video for Baby One More Time was shot in the same school where the classic film Grease was shot?

That’s right, as per Rant Lifestyle, Britney’s “loneliness was killing her” right where Sandy was hopelessly devoted to Danny… in Rydell High!

Britney Spears unusual facts :2

Acrylics All the Way

While we often see Britney’s fingers covered in orange Cheetos muck, she usually has a nice manicure with long nails to match. Fake!

According to Rant Lifestyle, the singer bites her nails. While a nasty habit, it’s better than some of the ones that caused her horrific public meltdown.

Britney Spears unusual facts :3

Secret Sibling

Many of us know Britney’s sis, Jamie Lynn, infamous due to her teenage pregnancy, but did you know they have a big brother, Bryan James, as per Useless Daily?

He’s done a good job in staying out of the spotlight, but hopefully can reap the rewards of being a Spears sibling.

Britney Spears unusual facts :4

Alotta Whatta?

Also posted by Useless Daily, when Britney travels, she often uses the alias Alotta Warmheart when she checks into hotels and makes reservations.

Sounds like alotta BS to me.

Britney Spears unusual facts :5

She REALLY Likes Chocolate

As per Useless Daily, Britney has been known to say that munching on chocolate is just like an orgasm for her.

Perhaps Federline wasn’t satisfying enough or she’s got an exceptional chocolatier in her town.

Just keep it PG-rated with the M&M dudes, Brit.

Britney Spears unusual facts :6

She’s No Daisy Duke

According to BoomsBeat, it was actually Britney who was supposed to be Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard flick instead of Jessica Simpson.

Perhaps Brit couldn’t lay off the chocolate long enough in order to be able to slip into those barely-there, skin-tight cutoffs.

Britney Spears unusual facts :7

She’s Got the Power

In 2002, do you recall that Forbes Magazine named Britney as ‘Hollywood’s Most Powerful’?

BoomsBeat reminds us of the honor that may have made lots of arguably more powerful folks groan.

Well, you gotta Work B**ch if you want the accolades!

Britney Spears unusual facts :8

No Umbrella Necessary

BoomsBeat tells us that Rihanna’s super-hit Umbrella was given to Britney to record first.

Brit passed on the tune which thankfully ‘made it rain’ on Rihanna!

Maybe Britney couldn’t “stick it out till the end.”

Britney Spears unusual facts :9

Move Over Blake

Britney would love to collaborate with Gwen Stefani according to PopCrush.

While they don’t seem like an intellectual match, or musical one for that matter, whatever those two created together would be pure gold.

My chair is turned!

Britney Spears unusual facts :10

Crossroads Was Written By Who?

Remember the film Britney starred in back in 2002, Crossroads?

Well as per Teen Vogue, the movie was written by Shonda Rhimes, you know, the one of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal fame?

If that’s not Crazy I don’t know what is!

So if you are feeling like you’re “not a girl, but not yet a woman,” it means you feel closer than ever to getting deep inside the mystery that is Britney Spears.

It can only make you Stronger.

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