Who Knew Wednesday—Michael Strahan Unusual Facts

Michael Strahan unusual facts probably won't interest Kelly Ripa—but they're too good to just let slip by

We all know the toned and talented Michael Strahan has left Live with Kelly & Michael and will soon be permanently on GMA (sooner, rather than later please!!!)

But, there are lots of interesting tidbits about the former Giants player that are too unusual to let slip by.

While Kelly may not give a rat’s ass, you’ll surely be intrigued by these 10 Michael Strahan unusual facts.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 1

Do They Even Make a Spacesuit that Large?

Michael told Us Weekly that as a kid, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

While being on TV can be just as ‘out there’ at times, could you imagine Michael cramped up in a space shuttle?

That would be even more uncomfortable than those last few weeks sitting by Kelly’s side.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 2

Don’t Give Him Some Sugar

While Michael’s personality is as sweet as can be, he always takes his coffee with Splenda and half-and-half.

Every little bit counts when trying to stay as buff as he is.

We'd watch our waist too if it was as good as his.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 3

Step Aside Martha Stewart!

As per Celebrity Toob, Michael’s quite the decorator.

He loves choosing the décor for new homes with precision and flair.

While it’s hard to picture such a brawny dude picking out throw pillows and coordinating trinkets, there’s something to be said about a guy who cares about detail.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 4

His Dad Gave a Mean Punch

No, not to Michael… sheesh!

His dad was a boxer, as per Fame 10.

Michael must have inherited his strong build from his pop.

Or perhaps from his mom… she was into basketball and even coached.

Michael was destined for sports stardom with parents so athletic.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 5

He’s All for Gay Marriage

While not necessarily for himself (ahem, ‘Ladies Man’ is Michael’s middle name), Michael is a strong supporter for same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights, according to Fame 10.

He even filmed a commercial in 2011 supporting the cause.

Glad to hear Michael is for equality for all!

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 6

Listen Up Starbucks

According to The Boston Herald, before every taping of Live with Kelly & Michael, Michael gulps down a Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher.

During those trying last days with Kelly though, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Michael was adding a shot of vodka to his venti in order to make it through the show in one piece.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 7

Texas Born, Germany Bred?

That’s right.

According to Biography.com, Michael was born here in the states in Houston, TX, but at the age of 9, his family moved to Germany where his father, an Army major, was stationed.

As a high school senior, he came back to Texas to play football.

Good call!

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 8

Secret Sitcom Star

Have you ever seen the show Brothers?

If you said no, you are not alone.

As per Heavy, Fox aired the sitcom starring Michael as a retired football player in 2009, and it was a total failure.

You can’t be good at everything, Michael.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 9

Don’t Point Fingers

ABC News tells us that Michael’s not physically perfect after all.

Due to years of playing football, Michael’s got a bunch of crooked fingers from tackles and grabs during the game.

Shucks, giving Kelly the middle finger wasn't as effective as it could have been.

Michael Strahan unusual facts : 10

Hall of Fame Bears His Name

In 2014, Michael was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as reported by Sussle.

Maybe that’s when his ego soared and things with Kelly started getting tense?

Glad to know Michael’s football years will be remembered forever… let’s see if the same holds true for his upcoming stint on GMA.

Unlike the gap between Michael’s two front teeth, you are now full of material to make your Michael Strahan IQ higher than ever!

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