It's been over three years since 60% of TVXQ jumped ship to form their own trio, JYJ. The devastating split left a trail of fangirl tears and lawsuits in its wake, and for a while there, it looked as if neither JYJ or TVXQ would ever top the charts again. Fast forward to present day, and both acts are celebrating the new year with respective number ones right across Asia.

TVXQ's latest Japanese single, "Catch Me -If you wanna-," just hit No. 1 on the Oricon weekly chart. This makes TVXQ the first foreign artist in Japan to top the singles chart 12 times. It's also the duo's third consecutive No. 1 single from their upcoming Japanese album, TIME, boding well for the album's potential success when its officially released in March.

While TVXQ are busy ruling Japan, their former bandmate and current JYJ star, Jaejoong, is doing big things back home in Korea. His debut solo EP, Mine, has reached No. 1 on Hanteo's daily and weekly charts, virtually guaranteeing it the top spot on the official GAON albums chart later this week. Jaejoong took a bit of a risk breaking out of the K-pop mold and recording a J-rock-inspired record, but so far it's paying off. He just sold out a 16,000 ticket solo concert, while his Mine EP topped the iTunes Rock Albums chart in nine different Asian territories, including Japan.

It's nice to see that both TVXQ and JYJ are still having loads of success, even if it isn't together as one entity. Although hardcore Cassies might kills us for saying this, the two seem better off alone. The split forced Max and Yunho to further perfect their choreography and performance skills, eventually leading to their crown as the best performers in pop, while the boys of JYJ have been able to showcase their talent as writers and producers through their self-composed music. And let's face it: Jaejoong would have never been able to release a visual kei rock album if he was still under SM Entertainment. Yup, we really like JYJ and TVXQ on their own. However, we wouldn't be adverse to a reunion, either -- especially if they performed "Balloons" again.