Hands up if you totally forgot that The Cleveland Show was still on the air. Yes, the FOX Family Guy spin-off is alive and well, and just wrapped up its third season a month and a half ago. It's the fourth season premiere that is of interest here, however, as show creator Seth McFarlane recently revealed at Comic-Con that the October premiere will feature the show's title character learning "about a hip-hop superstar secret society" (according to EW) and will feature the vocal talents of a number of names very familiar to Popdust readers—Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, will.i.am, and Questlove, all presumably playing themselves. (The episode is titled "Menace II Secret Society, which is really just an awful name for anything.)

Title aside, this might have to be the first episode of The Cleveland Show that we've watched front to back since...the first one, probably. We just hope it goes a little bit better than that time that Kanye was on Entourage—probably the most painful cameo in eight seasons' worth of cringe-worthy celebrity walk-ons. Seriously, refresh your memory on this one. That sweater!