This week, Taylor Swift dropped by Nashville's 107.5 The River and showed that while her country was in fact strong, her hip-hop game was even stronger. When prompted by the DJ to pick a song of her choosing, she went with Nicki Minaj's deep cut "Super Bass"—a song Nashville was delighted to find out was about booming sound of bass, and not the delicious striped fish found in Kentucky Lake.

"I've been listening to it on repeat and I've really freaked my friends out because I can recite every lyric to the rap," said Taylor, who was prompted by the DJ to do a couple of bars. The results of her impromptu rapping are pretty good:

This isn't the first time she's rocked the mic swiftly. For the CMT Awards, T-Swizzle teamed with T-Pain for "Thug Story," an extra-hard rap about baking cookies, knitting sweaters, and living with her parents.

All of this brings to mind our other favorite sanga-ternt-rappa Justin Bieber, who has spit rough Canadian furcoat fire via his rapping alter-ego Shawty Mane.

So which pop star is ultimately the better rapper? Let's take it to the judges:

Style: Taylor

Justin's hamming and rambunctiousness just make him look over-eager. Swift's more demure performances reveal someone much more comfortable with their performance abilities. That whole Fearless thing ain't no joke.

Swagger: Justin

He snuck in the phrase "hella dome" totally under the radar. Find us a soccer mom who knows that actually means "lots and lots of oral sex to an incalculable degree." Someone get this kid a Parental Advisory sticker!

Influences: Draw

Taylor seems to love Nicki, while Bieb's flow is more like Lil Wayne's. As long as none of them rap like Drake, we're cool.

Winner: Justin

Just because: "Tearin' it up like a tractor/ Matter fact I'm killin' this track, you're a slacker" is secretly kind of a dope line. But don't tell our collection of Ghostface records that we think so...


Here's Bieber's (rumored) galpal Selena Gomez doing her own take on "Super Bass"! Watch your step, Taylor. There's only room in this town for one Little Nicki! Even though Selena's a late entry, we're disqualifying her for basically doing glorified karaoke with backing tracks—but she does have the Nicki mannerisms down a little better than Taylor. Y'all can fight it out on Vh1 Divas or something. Happy Pink Friday, everyone!