Every half-respectable musical moment needs their Ethel Merman Disco Album moment, and now it appears that the EDM scene finally has theirs. Paris Hilton, world-class dilettante, has decided that DJing will be her next great artistic venture—likely inspired by her recent artistic (and perhaps romantic) partnership with Dutch house star Afrojack—and from video that has surfaced of her public debut on the 1s and 2s last weekend in Sao Paolo Brazil, the potential here is very promising. For comedy, if not creative excellence, anyway.

To say that Paris comes off like a parody of celebrity DJs in these videos would probably be an insult to Weird Al and Allan Sherman and the like. She couldn't come off as more of a lazy, phone-it-in spinner if she was trying—and knowing Paris Hilton, we wouldn't rule out the possibility that she was. From her song choices (that mashup of "Levels" and "Somebody That I Used to Know," of course) to her attempts at mixing (filters are deployed with typically professional "Hey, what does this knob do?" verve) to her crowd-hyping efforts (pump that fist, Paris!), every aspect of the live DJ experience seems to be put on trial by Paris' performance here.

Needless to say, Deadmau5—that self-appointed Dark Defender of EDM artistic credibility—was not pleased:

While we can't really blame Deadmau5 for not having a sense of humor about this incident, we're entirely in favor of it, and anxiously await Paris Hilton's DJing world tour. Hey Paris, have you heard that David Guetta song "Titanium," yet? Cool song, right??