Why Does George Clooney Keep Telling Us He Feels Dumb Around His Wife?


If George Clooney feels dumb, I'm happy to massage his......ego

George Clooney has given yet another interview in which he tells us that he feels dumb around his wife.

This is not the first time.  He gave interviews last March and September saying just the same thing—that he feels like an idiot when he's talking to Amal, that he's the dumb one in the marriage, that she's so smart and clever, yadda yadda yadda.

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Do you think he's trying to tell us something?  Is he sending us a subtle message, like in a hostage proof of life video?

At this point it really feels like 'dumb' is a code word and that he's screaming for help! He wants out, he's trapped by Amal and all her cleverness and he doesn't know what to do!

Poor old George, it must be a bit of a shock to the system when having been adored for years with legions of lusting ladies hanging on your every word you suddenly find yourself married to a woman who rates you a very poor third behind her worthy work and shopping.

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Imagine the scenario chez Clooney when Mrs C comes home from a Very Busy And Important Meeting.  George is eagerly awaiting her return.  He has been hitting Google all day, reading up on a subject he hopes will be suitably deserving of his noble wife's attention.

After he's served her a dinner of hot water and lemon (easy on the lemon), he sits at her feet massaging her tired and important tootsies (designer shoes still give you bunions you know), and he proudly raises the subject he's been researching all day.

Here's his chance! He can prove to her he's more than a door-opening bit of arm-candy! He's not just a pretty face! He has a brain!

Sadly for George this is not his moment either.  Amal gives a roll of her intelligent eyes, a flick of her luscious locks and dismisses him with a wave of her bony hand.

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Oh George, you need to understand you will NEVER be worthy of a serious discussion with Amal, ever—because you ARE thick.

Thick because you didn't recognize what we all saw—that she craves the limelight, loves the fame you bring her and that her big lawyer career isn't all that.

Now as we know, lack of intelligence is no barrier to the Presidency which is said to be Clooney's long term plan, however Amal's dubious family connections and her tendency to defend questionable characters mean it's pretty unlikely now that he'll ever be able to run for office. Nobody with one iota of intelligence would marry someone for political gain without doing their due diligence.

Bless him, he really thought that by marrying someone with a brain it would give him credibility, when all it's done is make him look (and feel) stupid. No wonder he's begging to be rescued.

I'm on my way George!