Why Every Mom Should Treat Themselves To A BURST Toothbrush

I tried the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush and here's why I will never use another toothbrush again!

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A lot changed when I became a mom 5 years ago, but by far the biggest adjustment has been my morning routine. What used to be ten hits of the snooze button followed by a leisurely cup of coffee has been replaced by trying to wrangle two kids under the age of 5!

I absolutely love this new phase in my life; there is never a dull moment. A few months ago, I came into the bathroom to find my 5-year-old playing with my toothbrush…. in the toilet! Luckily I had a spare, but it did get me thinking. In the last few years, I've become obsessed with subscription delivery services and basically anything that makes my daily life a little easier. I have my groceries, cleaning supplies, and even clothes for the kids delivered- such a lifesaver. I went online to order some more back up toothbrushes, and I came across BURST.

I've never tried an electric toothbrush before, but the BURST sonic electric toothbrush looked nice. It comes in black, white, and even a pretty rose gold color. I'm past the stage of my life where I can order things just because they're aesthetically pleasing (RIP white rug), I need it to work. I always thought all you needed was a good old fashioned manual toothbrush, but after poking around a little more on the BURST site, I saw that their toothbrush actually removes up to ten times more plaque than a manual. TEN!

That sounded great, but my teeth always felt clean after using my old regular toothbrush. But then I saw that BURSTS toothbrushes are recommended by over 25,000 dental professionals and have 33,000 sonic vibrations a minute, allowing it to deeply clean your teeth without irritating your gums. My gums can be sensitive, so that always stopped me from buying an electric toothbrush in the past. I still wasn't totally convinced, but when I saw that BURST has three different modes whitening, massage, and sensitive, I started to consider it. They also send you a replacement brush head every 90 days, and the battery lasts a month. Okay, I was sold.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Recommended By Over 30,000 Dental Professionals
Try A BURST Electric Toothbrush Today!

They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so I could try it out totally risk-free. Plus, the BURST toothbrush is a lot more affordable than I was expecting. They have an awesome offer- get BURST Floss for just $5 and Whitening Strips for just $10 when you buy a black or white brush. Such a great deal. I couldn't wait to try everything.

When my kit arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how sleek the toothbrush is. A lot of electric toothbrushes can be heavy and bulky, but not this one. That night before bed, I tried it for the first time. It's super easy to use, and I love the 3 different modes. The brush automatically turns off after two-minutes and pauses every 30 seconds, so you know how long to spend on each section. The nylon bristles are infused with charcoal for an extra whitening boost. After the first use, I could really notice the difference. My teeth have never felt so clean it felt like I'd just gotten a deep clean at the dentist.

I've been using my BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush for a few months now, and it is a total game-changer. Having the replacement brush head delivered every 90 days costs as low as only $6, and it's awesome because it's one less thing I have to remember. My teeth feel so much cleaner and healthier; my dentist even commented on how clean they were at a recent check-up. Plus, it looks nice on my bathroom sink- I just remember to keep it on the top shelf out of reach from the little ones!

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