News flash: The classic snap-back has undergone a major facelift as of late, with many a pop starlet taking note by crowning their dip-dyed extensions. There are a few options in the upgraded snap-back world, like the S&M-meets-tennis-game hats, which include Rihanna and Cassie as super fans. For an even louder look, Azealia Banks, Soulja Boy and Keyshia Cole are all over nameplate snap-backs, specifically the Joyrich x Chris Habana collab complete with chunky carved acrylic words that so subtly reads/screams things like "BONE" and “RICH.” Lucky for y’all, you'll only have to be rich-ish for some of said hats, as you'll see with our favorite picks.



Peace out Von Dutch/Ed Hardy trucker hats circa 2007, and HAY leather snap-backs. A sartorial supporter of bananas '90s-tinged patterns and high-waisted shorts, Rihanna knows a thing or two about toughening up her feminine look. At the Wireless Festival, Rih Rih worked the stage in a snap-back... with a slithering gilded serpent chilling on the brim. It’s pretty amazing. But good luck finding this one–it’s said to be custom made by designer Michael Schmidt.



Kat Graham's signature towering pony-tail is winning the hair game, and we have a feeling she knows it. And Kat also knows that snapbacks are totally in, recently rocking a patent leather Alife cap, and, duh, leaving some room for that hair-whip-friendly tight pony. Game over.



Leave it to those fashion-y folks at Elle to get Kelly Clarkson to spice up her whole Texan jeans-and-tees mess with this awesome leather cap by Stetson, which, holler!, we found for you for just $59.95.  (



Grimes is the leader of the DIY indie-laptop-created-synth-beats-and-squeaks clique. She recently performed at London's Field Day Festival and hid her choppy bangs under a B&W snapback hat from the recently-resurrected and uber-trendy Boy London.  (Snap that up for $58:



Azealia Banks' hat situation is inappropriately kinds of amazing. Proof: We may or may not have experienced serious hat envy/droolage over her PAPER Magazine-starring cover in which she squats while showing off her golden Mickey Mouse purse and more importantly, every club kid's current obsession, the RICH hat from the Joyrich x Chris Habana collab.

We had to give the budding style maven another shout out regarding a Year Zero snapback (AND paired with a bejeweled devil horn headband by Jennifer Behr. NBD.) from her recent V magazine shoot, which was obviously styled by the mastermind behind basically every Lady Gaga cray creation, Nicola Formichetti.



Rafter-reaching soulful crooner Keyshia Cole is also a Chris Habana for Joyrich believer. So much so that she Tweet-bragged a pic of her sartorial-saluting the RICH hat. Godspeed trying to get your hands on one of these perpetually sold-out pieces of amazingness, though.



As for the dudes, surprise surprise!: Soulja Boy also loves him some Chris Habana for Joyrich, lighting up the Red Carpet by sporting the golden YES hat. You go, boy. Here's a treat from Chris Habana, who told us his inspiration behind the successful collab: "When I first created the WORK!, RAD, and SNAP hats in 2009, the original idea was to give an homage to 90's urban subculture, the Vogue-ers, the BOY LONDON wearers, the Ballroom kids... And When Joyrich approached me with the idea of collaborating with them, we came up with RICH, JOY, BONE, and YES designs. I had no idea that they would take off the way they did." Congrats Chris!



With an affinity for Givenchy, DIY-shredded Ksubi jeans, and Jordan high-tops, we sometimes forget that Theophilus London’s main gig is being a singer. Apologies, Theo. In a video shoot for StyleLikeU, Theophilus reveals his to-die-for closet, including an LVRS hat by Fresh.i.Am, which we need in our lives. We'd kindly ask you to help us out on that front, but the $50 hat is sold-out. WAH.$/