Why Is Kanye West Releasing The "Lost In The World" Video Now?

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Remember "Lost in the World"? There are reasons to! It's one of the better, moodier tracks on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, an album not short on good or moody tracks. It's one of the Justin Vernon-featuring tracks, if that jogs your memory. But if it doesn't, you're forgiven; the album came out in 2010, which in music-cycle years is practically a decade. It's long enough ago, at any rate, for a video to be a little unexpected, yet here we are, with another artsy black-and-white cut (directed by Ruth Hogben) that disorients you with lots of falling and flailing and flailing-called-interpretive-dance, with billowing smoke and sudden shifts in art direction. (And models. It's still a Kanye West video.) It's the sort of thing Kanye probably imagines in his sleep, but nevertheless, it's pretty welcome.

(At the very least, it is ludicrously refreshing to be able to post something about Kanye West that doesn't involve his mornings after. "Theraflu" doesn't count, because it's basically the musical equivalent of a morning after. "Mercy," however, does count. More of that, world.)