Why Is Paul McCartney Taking Kurt Cobain's Place in the Nirvana Reunion Tonight?

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Well, at least he has a lot of experience being dead.

According to a spokesman, former Beatle Paul McCartney is indeed stepping in for deceased frontman Kurt Cobain at Wednesday night's 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. Obviously, this is the sort of headline that raises more questions than it answers, so we thought we'd help out and answer them.

Is Paul McCartney joining Nirvana full-time?

No. He's playing alongside drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic at the benefit, but he's not joining them full time for a McCarvana tour or anything.

Did he know what he was essentially signing up to replace Kurt Cobain?

Not really. Macca says he was just got together with Grohl and Novoselic during a rehearsal jam session. "I didn't really know who they were," he said.

Wait, so how much does Paul McCartney know about Nirvana?

Apparently, not very much. Says he: "They are saying how good it is to be back together. I said: 'Whoa? You guys haven't played together for all that time?'"

That gives him a lot of in common with the kids of today!

Shut up.

Will they play mostly Beatles songs or Nirvana songs? 

Unclear. It's safe to bet on a mix. Either way, if they end up playing any Nirvana songs, it's going to sound weird. Macca and Kurt Cobain just do not have similar voices at all.

A mix? Will there be mashups??

Probably  not.

We demand mashups! Give us mashups!

OK, fine. Here are two:

Have people made any jokes on Twitter about this?

It's Twitter—what do you think?

Will Popdust be covering this performance?

Yes! We'll be live-tweeting the benefit tonight. Follow along!

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