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Why This Busy Mum Loves HelloFresh for Weekday Dinners

Lately I've been hearing a lot about HelloFresh and for the longest time, I wasn't sure what all the buzz was about. The idea is grand – a recipe kit delivery service that sends you fuss-free, delicious recipes along with fresh, pre-measured ingredients in a box – but am I really going to follow through? Can it truly be that easy? Could I become one of those mums who whips up supper while the kids carry on with their sword fight sending toys flying around the house? I wanted to try it, but signing up never made it to the top of my daily task list. It wasn't until my friend, a mum of 3, promised me the service would take the hassle out of meal planning and cooking. It's better than takeaway, she spends less time at the supermarket, and her family sits down together at night and everyone eats their dinner with no complaints. We all want a little less stress in our lives, so I decided to give it a try.

I was surprised when our first box arrived. It was one of those long days, when I sat in the car a few minutes after I got home, just to relax, and I saw the box on my front step. I had forgotten it was coming and was planning to make spaghetti bolognese for tea, but this was new and I was excited.

Everything was individually packed in lovely kit bags and I grabbed the one on top labelled pizza burgers – yum. My boys love burgers and making pizza and this was a new challenge for them. They were intrigued and it was cute to watch them combine the mince. While the young chefs were occupied, I made the chips. There was a note on the recipe card that said "no need to peel the potatoes" and this made me delighted. We don't need perfect dinners or anything fancy. We want to eat fresh food that tastes good, is quick to cook and doesn't require much effort, but also that the whole family can enjoy. Between my kids and I, there was definitely no faff involved.

Within 30 minutes of starting the prepping and cooking, my husband came home and we all sat down to enjoy our Pizza Burgers with Chorizo, Chips and Salad. We talked about our day and I felt refreshed and was no longer tired. My husband did the dishes and noted that we didn't use too many pans. Sometimes when I try to make a new dish I get carried away in the kitchen – not anymore.

So needless to say, we like HelloFresh these days. We order the Family Box and I usually get 2 nights of dinner for 4 people and that works with our timetables. It answers that proverbial question, "What's for tea?" and it keeps us from getting stuck in a rut eating the same old boring plates every night. I really enjoy their tray-bakes and one-pot wonders; they're easy to make and absolutely delicious. The service has a lot of different options for vegetarians, people without kids, and I also like how you can pause and unpause your subscription whenever you want. We still have our staples of Sausages and Mash or Chicken Nuggets, but it's nice to know we've been able to eat fresher and tastier meals with far fewer trips to the supermarket. It's also great that all the HelloFresh meals we've tried have not only been enjoyed by the kids, but also my husband and I, as some of the recipes had little flavor twists that we could add on at the end, like a little chili sprinkle or extra garnish. The end result is best: HelloFresh helps us by taking the stress out of mealtimes. Between after-school activities, sports practice, and a mum's never-ending list of things to do, our family has a successful dinner a few nights a week.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 50% off your first two boxes! (£64 value!)