"Wide Awake": Katy Perry Closes Door on "Teenage Dream," Opens Door to Weird Fantasy Universe

You would think that for the second video to her bonus tracks to a reissue of an album she released (what feels like) seven years ago, Katy Perry would take it on the chill side with her video for latest hit "Wide Awake." Nah son—Katy Perry's gonna go even harder on this vid, which she earlier claimed would be "the final chapter" in her Teenage Dream saga. That turns out to be true in a semi-explicit sense, as the video begins with her wrapping filming on the "California Gurls" video, then retreating to her dressing room, where she removes her iconic wig and stares intently into her mirror—at which point, naturally, she is transported to a gothy fantasy world.

What happens at that point is just about anyone's guess. The following things are involved, literally and/or symbolically:

  • Purple hair
  • Snow (or some other snow-like falling substance)
  • The Shining-like hedge mazes
  • Halls of mirrors
  • Poison strawberries (or just really gross non-poison strawberries)
  • Moving artwork of paparazzi with transportative powers
  • Fireworks
  • Minotaur nurses (Everyone these days with the minotaurs!)
  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Charming getting PUNCHED IN THE FUCKING FACE!! (He had his fingers crossed!)
  • Young Katy Perry giving old Katy Perry a butterfly (You know it's young KP coz she rides away at the end on a bike with a "Katheryn" license plate.)
  • Hedge animals with crazy Vertigo eyes

And to think—we didn't even know that kids' bikes had to have license plates on them these days. You learn something new with every one of these Katy Perry videos.

Anyway, glad to see that Katy's still giving it her all even on the 8th Teenage Dream-associated music video. She's certainly earned the right to close the door on the album at this point, and to open it up to whatever weird world of creepy Kubrickian imagery her heart now desires.


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