Will Ferrell stopped by CBS This Morning on Friday to chat about his upcoming political comedy, The Campaign. Playing a politician appears to have gone to his head, as the former SNL star shared an outlandish policy he'd like to carry out if elected, with a direct effect on the current state of pop music. (Leave our world alone!) Upon leaving the CBS studio, Ferrell threw shade on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," the song that's been the subject of countless covers, parodies, and mashups, and is currently in its seventh week atop the Billboard Hot 100.

For those with bad eyes, Ferrell's handwritten note reads: "Stop the 'Call Me...Maybe.' I'm sick of it. All my best, Will Ferrell." It's difficult to tell if Ferrell believes CBS to be responsible for the song's immense popularity, or the world in general, but we're led to believe that if fictionally elected, he'll make it a priority to wipe our brains clean of the song entirely. Quick, Justin Bieber, help us!

Why the hate, Will? Can't a fellow Canadian enjoy some time in the sun? Perhaps he feels conflicted about supporting an artist whose lyrics aren't true to life? Maybe Jay-Z and Kanye West taught him to approach all other songs benefiting from repetition as competition? Or most likely he's just upset he wasn't asked to star in the video. Luckily (or not) Our Girl has bigger obstacles to battle this week than the complaints of a comedic curmudgeon. Carry on making your lip dub videos, world.