Will Jason Mraz's Awful Hair Ruin His Best Single Ever?

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If you remember, Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" was released to iTunes about a month ago, and instantly shot to the top of the download charts with essentially zero promotion, just on the strength of the song. A lovely, understated acoustic ballad, it seemed like the kind of song that could quickly become a cross-platform love song standard, heard on every Valentine's Day, anniversary and wedding from now until the machines take over. It still might, and we certainly hope that it does but now there's a problem: The video, which debuted today on VH1.

Not that there's anything wrong with the video, necessarily—it's a stately, if somewhat boring, assemblage of nature shots mixed with pictures of people young and old looking semi-contemplative. It's the kind of video that doesn't change a single thing about your feelings towards the song, which is fair enough. The problem with the video is Mraz himself, and more specifically, his godawful long, frizzy hairdo, which combined with an atrocious goatee makes him look like a combination of Michael Bolton and Kenny G. It would've been a bad look in the year 1992, in 2012, it's borderline inexcusable.

We're being semi-serious here: Is Mraz's look in this video so atrocious that it's gonna torpedo the song's chances of being one of 2012's biggest hits? Not that sex appeal was ever part of the Mraz recipe for success, precisely, but it's virtually impossible to take anything this dude sings seriously when you keep expecting him to whip out a soprano sax and hold an E Flat for 45 minutes and 47 seconds. Will his hair distract from the music so much that "I Won't Give Up" never lives up to its full potential? You let us know, but we're changing the channel when we see this video again.