Will 'N Sync Be Reuniting Again? Well, According to Lance Bass...

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Say "Bye Bye Bye" to your wildest hopes an dreams: 'N Sync will not be reuniting again. At least not anytime soon.

In case you missed it—Heisenberg being the only viable excuse—'N Sync very briefly performed together onstage during Justin Timberlake's epic VMAs performance after he accepted the Michael Jackson Vanguard award.


It created momentary world peace, and inspired Taylor Swift to, once again, feel our feelings for us:



Will Taylor ever get the chance to fan girl like this again? Well, Lance Bass made it pretty clear to the Associated Press: "We've got nothing planned...Who knows what will happen when [Justin Timberlake's] off tour. It's simply not part of the conversation right now." Bass was also the one to confirm the band's official breakup. Why you gotta keep tearing up our hearts, Lancey?

In the meanwhile, we can always pray for the reunion of another fallen boy band.


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