Will Smith, Successful Marriage Or Living Hell?

Will Smith successful marriage

If you're thinking of getting married then look away now.

Will Smith has opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his 'successful' marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith and makes it sound like a whole heap of fun. Not.

The couple have been married for 18 years and have been plagued by rumors about their long union.  Jada has previously said that the marriage works because she lets him do whatever he wants to do, leading to talk of an open marriage.  Then more recently there was a very strong rumor that the marriage was in fact over—Will was forced to take to Facebook to deny it.

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The dust has settled a bit, so when he was asked by ET at the screening of his movie Concussion in Los Angeles last night what the key to their long marriage was, all he had to do was trot out the usual celebrity shit about love and respect and he would have been home and dry.

But no, Will was brutually honest, saying;

"We've been married 20 years and we've been asking ourselves that question and really at the end of the day it's just not quitting.  You can't expect it to be easy, it's like our marriage was the most difficult, grueling, excruciating thing that we have ever taken on in our lives.  And you know we're just not quitters.

BOOM!  Tell us how you really feel Will!

He then treated us to a nugget of celebrity mumbo-jumbo;

"If there is a secret I would say it is that we never went into working on our relationship. We only ever worked on ourselves individually, and then presented ourselves to one another better than we were previously."

Couple of points here.  He said "our marriage WAS the most difficult..." . How come he's talking about his marriage in the past tense?  Very revealing.

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Also the whole working-on-ourselves-individually-presenting-new-self-to-each-other BS echoes Scientology theory. Interestingly the Smiths have reportedly disassociated themselves from the cult church this year.  Remember what happened when Nicole Kidman left and her kids stayed?  Shelly Miscavige? Maybe the Smiths wanted to avoid the impact of being potentially labelled a 'Suppressive Person' in the event of a split as much as possible? (Allegedly/apparently/reportedly)

Of course in a long marriage there are going to be ups and downs, bad times, good times and all that.  But grueling?  Excruciating? Marriage is not a fairy-tale and takes hard work on both sides, but he's making it sound like a prison sentence to be endured and to say these things in public just undermines their relationship (which of course they won't talk about) and is quite frankly, humiliating.

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Will and Jada kinda lost all credibility as having a healthy normal home life when they unleashed their bizarre and frankly fucking weird kids on the world and every time they open their mouths a little bit more about their children is explained.

It begs the question, why would anyone continue to subject themselves to such torture?  Maybe waiting until the youngest child is a legal adult to avoid costly a custody battle?  Whatever their reasons, they seem to be holding on to the bitter end, teeth gritted, out of some sort of spiteful need to ensure they put each other through the maximum emotional pain as possible.

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Seriously Will, if your marriage is such continuous pain and misery it ain't right.  Why would you not quit something you can only describe as excruciating?

Do yourself, your wife and your freaky kids a favor and throw in the towel.

Will Smith successful marriage

Will Smith successful marriage

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