Trending And Eva Simons' "This Is Love" Video Is, Let's Say, Self-Aware

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You can say many, many things against and Eva Simons' single "This Is Love," starting with the absence of love and continuing through a long, long middle segment of shameless repetition of HELL YEAH! But one thing you can't say is that is taking it seriously. He's not taking it seriously at all. He is taking it HELLA (YEAH!) un-seriously.

He is absolutely self-aware, for instance, when he shows us that the HELL YEAH! bit is actually just some party people in a laptop screen, as if he had a YouTube looper tab open. Or that he and Eva Simons initially aren't even in the same voting district, let alone the same room. Also in the hypno-video-promo-celebrito-sphere: himself. So this video has playing the piano and watching a clip that contains himself. HELL YEAH, OK.

Oh, and also: continues to have his laptop out in the rain, then snow. He gets an orchestra to play there, too. Does this cause any sort of electrical damage? Does it gum up the workings of their instruments? Do the instruments even acknowledge the fact that it's raining/snowing/HAILING, YEAH! with any sort of facial expression? HELL NO.

Now that you've noticed our gimmick, aren't you shocked Will didn't get an INTEL, YEAH! into this song, by the way? It seems like the sort of thing he'd want to do. Maybe on the remix. TIME WILL TELL, YEAH.

(Because it is necessary to get one more in: HELL, YEAH!)