Since the Black Eyed Peas are currently taking a break from recording together, the technologically gifted will tempt fate as much as possible during his foray into a solo career. His video for "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" uses the same Evel Knievel motif as Kanye West's "Touch the Sky," minus Pamela Anderson but including Kanye '70s-esque sideburns—oh wait, that's just will's normal hair?—in order to prove he's not just a computer geek, but a fearless daredevil as well. Why else would he have made his album a hashtag? So in order to live up to his own billing as The Hardest Ever, plows through walls and over boulders. And while there's no mention of those Peas, will dodges the not-so-friendly face of Jennifer Lopez, who comes into view on large video screens, acting as an obstacle for all drivers in her path–which is sort of like how Marc Anthony and/or American Idol contestants must have felt? If you're thinking this is all repetitive and boring after the first go-round, and that this video could really use a cameo by an aging legend, fear not. Checking off every major transportation vehicle on his list, will is soon launched into orbit, crashing into the Jagger galaxy where the Rolling Stones frontman dances like he's never aged, and as if music like this has never existed before. Should have known the 2011's Jagger obsession would end like this. We hope you're happy, Adam Levine. Watch below.