Madonna's new single "Girl Gone Wild" is not great. History will probably look upon it with the same kindness as they do "American Life"--i.e. none. And while we love lead track "Give Me All Your Luvin'," it isn't unanimously acclaimed at all. Besides, "Girl Gone Wild" is so beneath Madonna's strengths that it actively brings down the music before it, tints and/or taints how you feel about MDNA in general. Will they all end up like that?

Possibly. Possibly not. Neither leaked track, for what it's worth, was helmed by Ray of Light producer William Orbit, one of the album's lead collaborators. Madonna's already said her William Orbit tracks are different, and Orbit, who said he's still working with her on extra material, backed that up Wednesday in a BBC interview with the following, probably soaked-in-tact quote:

What she has decided to do is extra acoustic versions. There’s some pretty hard, rocking tracks. There’s a very different variation of styles. Mostly pretty savage, actually. The singles that have come out aren’t necessarily representative.

Hmmm. We can be on board with rocking Madonna. We might be on board with acoustic Madonna, even if Orbit makes it sound like they'll be B-sides. We're definitely on board with having very different styles. Consider our judgment a little more reserved.