With "American Idol" Behind Her, Jennifer Lopez is Now "Goin' In"

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Happy 43rd Birthday, Jennifer Lopez! Now that you've confirmed you won't be returning to American Idol, you'll have plenty of time to focus on that Enrique Iglesias tour and continue to reverse the aging process by dating younger men. Lopez's new video for "Goin' In," off the Step Up Revolution soundtrack, features Flo Rida and Lil Jon (what?), painfully bejeweled lips, flying anvils, and a hoodie-Yankees cap combination reminiscent of her Puff Daddy-era red carpet days. Basically it's a return to "the block," if said neighborhood's street lights were replaced with lasers and its fire hydrants unleashed sprays of colorful body paint on groups of party-ready residents.

The full clip premieres Wednesday night on MTV, but in case you had your doubts, 30 seconds are all we need to scientifically prove that Casper Smart does a body good. But watch your back and hold on to your boy-toy, Jen. With results like that, there's no way Kris Jenner won't attempt to bottle him up and market him to E! execs soon enough.

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