Even if you didn't know her name, you've probably seen Lauren Lapkus before.

She plays Susan Fischer on Orange Is The New Black. If you saw Jurassic World (and who in America didn't!), she played Vivian in the control room. She was even featured in the first episode of Netflix's miniseries The Characters, where she showed off her talent as a comedy chameleon, playing several different personas of hers like pop singer Whitney Peeps and teen angst incarnate Todd.

Lapkus as her character Whitney Peeps...

...and here as Todd, rebellious middle schooler.

So it's no understatement to say that Lapkus keeps busy, but just how busy you ask? On top of all those credits listed above, she's managed to run a consistently hilarious (and always improvised) podcast on the Earwolf network called With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.

The premise is simple when you get it, but a little difficult to describe at first: every episode a guest comes over and puts on their own fake show/promotion/story, while Lapkus plays a character to be their foil. It's right in the theme song: "She's the host, but she's always the guest!"

For the next three months though, WSG is going to be on hiatus while Lapkus is away filming for Holmes and Watson, the new Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly buddy mystery flick. That means it's a perfect time to catch up on this can't-miss goldmine of laughs, with these three episodes below as the recommended beginner's listening guide.

Breaking Fast with Todd Nosher, featuring Tim Baltz

A morning zoo radio show completely dedicated to breakfast, hosted by the over the top always peppy, sometimes creepy DJ Todd Nosher, played by Tim Baltz. A woman calling in from the long line at IHOP, played by Lauren Lapkus. This is all you need to know as you enter an episode filled with sexual tension, silver dollar pancakes, and the weirdest exchange of nudes you've ever heard of.

The Turing Test with Caleb Smith, featuring Matt Besser

Departing from the fake radio show/podcast format that most guests do, Matt Besser (one of the founding four members of the UCB) decides to make his episode a recording of what he calls a "Turing Test." Like the concept from Ex Machina, Besser plays Caleb Smith who has been tasked with interviewing humanoid robot Melissa, to try and figure out if artificial intelligence has really worked. Let's just say, it does. Ever want to hear a robot describe what it was like going to the bathroom for the first time?

The California Supreme Winshow, featuring Joe Wengert

My personal favorite of the bunch, this one knocks it out of the park for having such a simple premise and going completely crazy within it. Joe Wengert is Aaron Toblerone, owner of California's Supreme Windows, the biggest window store in the state. Recording live from the showroom floor, he invites his brother Darren over to talk about, you guessed it: windows. Sounds dull, but this episode had me laughing from beginning to end, especially with the way Wengert introduces Lapkus at the top: "He's very strong, he only sleeps for two hours a night, and he's my brother, Darren Toblerone!" If there's one episode that'll get you hooked on With Special Guest, this is it.

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