Wiz Khalifa And Lil Wayne: Yelling About Sports

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Memories of Super Bowl XLV may be fading, but it looks like the undercard matchup is just starting to get warm. "Black and Yellow," Wiz Khalifa's chart-topping celebration of his hometown of Pittsburgh, was adopted by the Steelers as the unofficial anthem of their playoff run, and Wiz even showed up at Heinz Field to perform the song before the AFC Championship Game. But Packer Nation responded, in the form of longtime-Cheesehead Lil Wayne's "Green and Yellow," a Pack anthem set to the tune of Khalifa's song. Drama!

Though Lil' Wayne actually went through the trouble of stating at the beginning of "Green and Yellow" that the song was not intended as a dis, Khalifa still has taken umbrage with Weezy's behavior, telling HipHopDX that he felt snubbed by comments that the Martian made on ESPN's First Take the day of the Super Bowl.

"When [ESPN] did the interview with Wayne, he was [saying] that he heard the song from the Steelers," said Khalifa.  "He heard it 'cause it was my song, but he didn't say that. He had an opportunity to step up and say that, and he didn't." Still, Khalifa has tried not to take it all to heart. "There's never any problems between me, Wayne or any of his [Young Money] artists, because I'm just so positive," said Khalifa. Well, at least there's that.

It's all down the hip-hop/sports chain of command, it would seem. Wayne gets pissed that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade don't acknowledge him at Miami Heat games. Wiz Khalifa gets pissed that Weezy doesn't give him his propers on ESPN. When will this all end? Will Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen invite Wiz to Opening Day at PNC Park, only to be denied because the MC considers going to a Pirates game "beneath him"?

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