Wiz Khalifa has had a very, very good 2011, with arguably the year's biggest crossover rap hit ("Black and Yellow") and a gold-selling debut album (Rolling Papers) to his credit. But with the year starting to wind to a close, it's time for Wiz to start to think about the future (no Joker), and of course, that includes a second album. During a live Ustream video chat yesterday, Wiz revealed that he had already started to ponder said sophomore release, and even has a name for his baby-to-be: O.N.I.F.C.

What does this mysterious title stand for? Well, Wiz isn't telling, at least not yet, so we sat down with our crack team of code-breakers and scientifically derived the four most likely solutions to the Khalifa Code:

One Night in French Canada

Old Neighbors Invite Friends Constantly

Only Nerds Idealize Fred Couples

Our Next Item, Fried Chicken

Taylor Gang

If we had to bet, we'd probably go with the Fred Couples one, but only time will tell. You guys have a better guess?