It was about this time last year that we were officially being introduced to Wiz Khalifa on a national scale, with his "Black and Yellow" climbing all the way to top of the charts, while soundtracking the Pittsburgh Steelers' run to Super Bowl XLV. Wiz seems to be planning a 2012 to equal his breakout '11, with his new album O.N.I.F.C. (we're sticking with Only Nerds Idealize Fred Couples for our acronym guess) due before long. Wiz has tweeted about the differences in '12 Wiz from 2011, Rolling Papers Wiz:


Exciting—-there hasn't been nearly enough quality rap for rich muh fuckas in the 2010s thusfar, and now that Wiz has officially joined the ranks of the RMFs, it's about time for him to start acting like it on record. Even better news, there'll be a couple other RMFs joining him in the recording. Wiz Instagrammed a photo of him with a hoodied Chris Brown in the recording studio (hazy with weed smoke, natch), then one of him chilling with a winter-hatted Adam Levine in the recording studio (hazy with weed smoke, natch). "Serious shit happening in the studio," tweeted Levine of the meeting. No doubt.

Great a 2011 as Wiz had, he's still a little bit in the shadow of "Black and Yellow," as totemic a rap single as released last calendar year. Won't be easy, Brown and Levine are two good guys to have in his corner if he wants to escape the eclipse.