Woman Spends 14 Years With Mannequin Family To Prove You Can be Happy And Single

Being single past a certain age is not easy for a woman. While single men are usually seen as glamorous, free-wheeling bachelors, single women tend to be treated like cat-hoarding weirdos.

Suzanne Heintz, a self-described spinster (is there a more ugly word in the English language?) finally had enough of all the "SO WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?" questions and decided to settle down... with a family of mannequins.

Mother daughter bonding time


One tall, dark and handsome husband and one freckled little ginger daughter. Over the next 14 years she and her little tribe traveled across America and took some gloriously insane pictures.

"You can't just go out and buy a family. Or can you? I did. They are mannequins. The candy coated shell with nothing inside. We do all those family things, all the while capturing those Kodak Moments," writes Suzanne.

True love


At first glance, this might seem a wee bit nutty, even in the interests of art. But think about it. She gets to spend her time with the ultimate companion(s) - no complaining, no hogging the bed, no endless washing up, no whining, no teenagers, no constant demands for sex when all you want to do is watch Derek on Netflix*. When you look at it like that, who is REALLY the crazy one?

Everyone say cheese


Check out Suzanne's full gallery here!

*Have you seen Derek yet? It's so good!

Family fun