Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle, Camaron Thomas, Is being sued by a woman known simply as Adrienne E. for allegedly infecting her with the herpes virus—Popdust can exclusively report.

According to the lawsuit, the two met in 2009 at The Ultimate Sports Bar and Grille in Atlanta, Georgia and began a relationship. A month later, they had unprotected sex and continued to have sex several times a day until Adrienne E. noticed something alarming: Thomas allegedly had puss filled bumps on his behind and thighs. She asked him about the suspicious blisters, but he insisted they were just skin irritations from his football girdle, the documents claim.

Later, according to the legal docs, Adrienne E. noticed Thomas had bruises on his penis. She asked if they too were caused by his girdle, but, she claims, he said that these were from getting his penis stuck in his zipper, and the plaintiff opted to forgo sexual contact until said bruises healed.

Despite the defendant's penis allegedly continuing to suffer mysterious ailments, Thomas and Adrienne E.'s relationship progressed rapidly and they decided to move in together.

A short time after, according to legal documents, Adrienne E. discovered correspondence of a sexual nature from other women on Thomas' computer. When she picked him up at practice and confronted him about her discoveries, she claims Thomas became irate and shoved her up against the dashboard. He then allegedly pulled onto the freeway, covered up her face with his hands and said, “We all have to die some time!” Finally, she claims, he opened the passenger side door and tried to push her out of the speeding car.

Adrienne E. boarded the next flight out of town, but after dozens of apologies, she ultimately returned to Thomas. In the weeks following their reunion, Adrienne alleges that Thomas choked her, set the bed on fire while she was in it, and pinned her down and burned her with her flat iron.

Shortly thereafter, the lawsuit claims, Adrienne E. discovered that Thomas had infected her with the herpes virus. She is seeking $25,000 in damages for sexual battery, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional, distress fraud through intentional concealment, and negligence.


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