The song is called "Synthesizers," and the group is called Butch Walker and the Black Widows. Neither fact is terribly important. What is important is that Walker, through his many industry connections—he's written and/or produced for stars such as Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy—landed cinema marquee attraction Matthew McConaughey for the video, in the guise of Wooderson, the legendary sleeves-rolled-up, '70sed-out, twenty-something creepo played by M-Mac in the 1993 high school comedy Dazed and Confused. In the video, Wooderson struts into the bar with a couple ladies, plays the trumpet, starts a dance number or two and generally just runs shit, as he's undoubtedly been doing since 1976.

Good as it is to see our ol' buddy, it's a little perplexing why as long as they had McConaughey-as-Wooderson in the fold, Walker and company didn't just do a shot-for-shot recreation of the classic "Hurricane" scene at the rec center from Dazed. Maybe Ben Affleck was too busy beating up teenagers or something.