Woohoo! Narsha and Ivy Set to Diva-fy Immortal Song 2

American Idol for K-pop stars, otherwise known as Immortal Song 2, is set to get a K-diva double dose with news that both Ivy and Brown Eyed Girls' songstress Narsha will join the current season of the hit show. Ivy's involvement was confirmed last month, while Narsha was just announced today. According to a statement released by the show's reps, Immortal Song bigwigs are looking forward to having the two sexy singers battle it out in front of viewers.

“Narsha plans to showcase her capabilities not as Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls, but as Narsha the solo artist… With also the new addition of singer Ivy, viewers can look forward to a showdown between Narsha and Ivy’s vocals and performances.”

With Immortal Song's format of having established singers compete against each in weekly performances, it should be very interesting to see both Narsha and Ivy --two stars not only known for their strong vocals, but also their good looks and bold concepts-- thrown into the mix. Other top female idols who have starred on the show include SISTAR's Hyorin, balladeer Lyn, K-pop princess IU, 4minute's Jiyoon, breakout rookie Ailee, and f(x)'s Luna. And then of course, there's Narsha's bandmate Jea, who called upon her fellow Brown Eyed Girl just last weekend to help her out in a performance. Perhaps TV execs were so impressed by Narsha's sizzling sex appeal and vocal skills that they just had to add her to the lineup?

Don't count Ivy out, though. The 30-year-old may be a scandal magnet, but behind the controversy lies a big voice. And Immortal Song is pretty much the perfect gig for her right now, as the pop diva has been making a concentrated effort to revamp her image ever since making her "Torn Heart" comeback last year. But if that fails, she can always steal Narsha's thunder with an impromptu performance of her underrated classic, "Touch Me."

Check out Narsha and Ivy performing live below, and let us know who you're most excited to see.