Take a guess how long it's been since Matchbox 20 released an album. Five years, maybe? Six? Nah, son—it's been a solid decade since the M20ers put out a full-length collection of new music. I know, right? They're one of those super-successful-yet-totally-innocuous bands whose overwhelming presence you never really notice while they're around, and once they're gone, you don't particularly notice their absence. But yeah, a couple stray singles aside, it's been ten years since Rob Thomas and the boys graced us with their lightly rocking, generally inoffensive, whatever the opposite of balls-out is (balls in?) presence.

Well, the drought is coming to an end. This September 4th, Matchbox 20 will be unleashing their fourth album on the masses, entitled North. The album was written in Nashville and recorded in California, with regular producer Matt Serletic at the helm. "The title refers to us finding our way," guitarist Paul Doucette tells Rolling Stone. "We went into this record with a lot of material. Many different songs that could have taken us in many different directions. It sort of overwhelmed us for a bit. But, at a certain point, we figured it out. We figured out where North was." Well, that's great, Paul, but if you guys are looking for some good barbecue while you're there, you might find yourselves shit out of luck.

The first single is going to be called "She's So Mean," by the way. Isn't that just the best name you've ever heard for a Matchbox Twenty single?