Worn Tin Ends Summer with Double Sided Single Release

LA indie rock artist ends summer on psychedelic note with double single release.

LA lo-fi rocker Worn-Tin, also known as Warner Hiatt, makes their end of summer mark with their latest singles, "Something's Coming" and "Where's My Emmy."

The track is a daydreamy slow jam with a swaying and mesmerizing beat. The warm and pleasing melody is nicely complemented by the arrangement's raw, intimate production style, where every instrument sounds clear and concise. The guitars have a classic and rich tone, giving the track its natural cadence and psychedelic feel.

A faint but gorgeous reverberating piano line follows the melody in the chorus, emphasizing Worn-Tin's talent with and penitent for using analog recording techniques. His vocals are sweet and crooning, creating a nostalgic effect that works well with his straightforward lyricism. This effect is especially visible in alluring lines like, "Watch me as I find a quiet place to hide / Ropes beside my bed will keep me tied." Spacey synths add an element of displacement to the instrumentation, which by the end of the track, culminates into a sort of chaotic, anticipatory mashup of sounds, leaving listeners on the edge of their seat waiting for the whatever is supposed to happen next.

Hiatt has managed to find the balance of being understated but not minimal, which gives it a kind of revelatory intimacy. He's left space for splashes of synthesizer and made lots of room for both the humor and the existential bleakness in his lyrics to grow. When speaking about the a-side of his single, Hiatt shared, "'Something's Coming' is when you walk into Foot Locker and get really nervous because the guy behind the counter looks like a Referee and you feel like the exit is a goal post," he says. "How the hell are you gonna work up the courage to grab those Reebok slippers and make it out that door without making a technical foul? It's important to live in the moment. Whatever the cost may be."

As for "Something's Coming" b-side single, "Where's My Emmy," acts as a slow-moving musical monologue, tranquilizing us as we soak in the last moments before late-night stress dissolves into sleep.

Check out Worn Tin's latest singles below!

Something's Coming

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