When you're sourcing material from British tabloid The Sun, returns vary. You can either get truth, half-truths, sorta-truths planed by sources, or complete nonsense gussied up with a few plausible facts. It's particularly the case for Cheryl Cole, former Girls Aloud frontwoman, erstwhile X Factor judge and tabloid staple, so much that there are extensive dossiers on her appearances throughout the years. She also really wants to jump-start her solo career, which has had fits and starts even in her native U.K. despite having a built-in fanbase and the savvy-if-nothing-else will.i.am as manager.

So what's potentially-maybe in store for Chezza's third album? Well, it might include...

Lana Del Rey castoffs?

Says an unnamed, possibly-existent source: "Cheryl is a big fan of Lana and was intrigued to hear she had lots of songs written which she wasn't going to sing herself. She got hold of one and was really taken with it. The record label are pretty happy about it because Lana has a massive following." Huh. Side-eye. Eyebrow-raise. Perplexed expression.

Plausibility: Actually pretty damn plausible. One thing about Born to Die that's been lost amid the successive furores is the number of big names involved. Jeff Bhasker, who worked on Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Watch the Throne, Beyonce's 4, Drake's Take Care, fun's Some Nights and countless other albums. (Let's be real: the backing track for "Diet Mountain Dew" was probably meant for someone else.) Patrik Berger, whose extensive Scandopop credits include Robyn's "Dancing on My Own." Sneaker Pimps' Liam Howe, who writes seemingly everything. Between these three producers alone, there's probably a ton of decent, workable material.

Calvin Harris collab?

Possibly a separate track, Cole's said to be working with Calvin Harris, whose "We Found Love" with Rihanna gave him a bigger profile than he'd already gotten thanks to dance-production work. Said the Sunday Mirror of the track, expected to also feature will.i.am: "It’s a huge track and something everybody is incredibly excited about. It’s made for the club scene and a dance classic." Who would've thought it?

Plausibility: May well be a foregone conclusion. Calvin Harris collaborating with a British pop artist? Plus will.i.am, Chezza's pal? This was inevitable. As for will.i.am showing up, he's already dragged Mick Jagger out of retirement and made the Louvre his temporary studio. No subsequent will.i.am rumor will ever be implausible.


Tasty treats are the recipe for success

Birmingham Evening Mail (England) March 4, 1999 | LISA SMITH YOUNGSTERS at a Small Heath school cooked up some tasty treats to tempt the tastebuds of their classmates and raise money for the school into the bargain. go to website cool maths games

Pupils aged eight and nine at Somerville Primary School, in Somerville Road, first carried out a poll to see which cakes the other children liked best before baking the top three favourites - cornflake, rice crispie and chocolate cakes. go to web site cool maths games

They then worked out their plan for production on the computer before opening up a cake stall at break and lunchtimes. Class teacher Niki Furlong said: "The children have been very enthusiastic about baking the cakes which they aim to sell to raisefunds for a games library in school. Educational "We aim to buy educational and maths games which the children can then borrow from the library just like books." The children aim to run the stalls until tomorrow, when they will be able to count up their profits.