Wow! Conspiracy Theory Thursday Poll Results Are Full Of Surprises

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Poll Results

Our Conspiracy Theory Thursday posts have been hugely successful and on this, the last Thursday of 2015, we thought it would be fun to update you on how the theories we put to you were received, and how convinced Popdust readers are of the theories we've investigated.

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Poll Results

The Moon Landings Were Fake

The USA weren't able to get to the moon and fulfill JFK's promise to the American people.  They weren't willing to let the Russian's win the space race however and so NASA faked the moon landings and fooled the world.

Popdust poll: 41% agreed the moon landings were faked, 43% think the Apollo mission made it to the moon while 16% were so spaced out they didn't know  what to think

The internet consensus seems a little lower than Popdust readers—generally around 25% of Americans believe the moon landings were faked.

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Keanu Reeves has been alive in one form or another for over 1200 years according to eagle eyed theorists.

We were surprised by the results of this one—not as far-fetched as you would think, 47% of you thought there was something to the theory.

Was Bob Marley Killed By The CIA?We weren't alone in thinking there is a lot more to this case than meets the eye.  An astonishing 76% of readers agree that Bob Marley's death was engineered by the CIA to stop his influence.
Is Jim Morrison Alive?Jim Morrison's death from a drug overdose has been shrouded in mystery from the day it was announced.  Whilst people generally seem to think there was something off about the whole thing, most think he did actually die.  Only 36% of you believe he didn't actually die and really is that weird farmer guy in Oregon.Paul McCartney Died In 1966

We would not have given this a moment's consideration had it not been for the photographs...and then we were convinced.  So were a lot of our readers—44% of you think that Billy Shears stepped in to replace Macca after his untimely demise.

The Marilyn Monroe Death Cover Up

It is pretty widely assumed that something fishy went on around Marilyn Monroe's death. Your votes were split between thinking it was Robert Kennedy, her dodgy doctor, or someone else but a mindblowing 80% of you are convinced Marilyn did not die by her own hand.

Jamie Lee Curtis Is A Hermaphrodite

There is a long held urban myth that Jamie Lee Curtis was born with both girl bits and boy bits.  Whether or not that is true, 58% of Popdust readers nobly agreed that it is none of our goddamn business.

The Princess Diana Death Conspiracy

The world mourned Princess Diana's premature death in 1997 and as a Royal loving Brit I have always been fairly skeptical about the conspiracy theories surrounding her death.

That is until now.  The evidence was overwhelming and it appears I am not alone—a gobsmacking 87% of you agreed with us that there are too many coincidences to ignore, and they all point to the fact that the tragic crash which took Diana's life was no accident.

Beyonce And The Illuminati

There is a wealth of information and theories on the internet regarding the existence of an Illuminati and Beyonce's involvement. Unsurprisingly, only 19% of you thought Beyonce owed her career to hard work alone.

Joan Rivers Is Alive And Well, In FBI Witness Protection

We thought this one was a bit of a stretch of the imagination—we can't imagine Joan Rivers agreeing to go quietly.  It seems we are not alone—nearly 80% of you agreed that Joan would not be muzzled.

Britney Spears Was On George Bush’s Payroll

We were surprised to find out that there are some conspiracists out there who think that Britney was employed to have timely meltdowns in order to deflect negative press during the Bush administration.

Our canny readers weren't convinced either, and only 20% of you believe she shaved her head to order.

Tupac Shakur Faked His Own Death

There have been rumblings, sightings and rumors for years that Tupac faked his death and there seems an awful lot of evidence to point to it.

We were convinced and so were you—54% of Popdust readers agree that Tupac is alive and well and enjoying his retirement.

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Poll Results

Check out Popdust’s previous Conspiracy Theory Thursday posts here and let us know if there are any theories you would like us to look into in 2016!

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Poll Results

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