Wren Black exposes her dark, vulnerable soul with her haunting debut single "Lie to Me," a gothic piano ballad in which a fiery battle tears her heart apart from the inside out. "[The song] is about finding the strength to have a conversation with myself about a love unrequited. Being able to admit that you're in love with a person who doesn't love you, and weighing the options as to what to do next. It's a hard conversation to have, especially when you're having it with yourself," she says of the song. The brand new music video--which premieres exclusively today--was directed by mastermind Łukasz Pytlik and features magnetizing imagery, as she comes to terms with the forbidden love; she wanders a desolate and murky landscape and stumbles upon an alarming metaphor for her pain. A human-like creature, resembling a blackbird or another flighty avian variety, is found bloody and broken--Black's pain heaves from her ethereal vocal and hangs in the raindrops around her.

"Filming on location in Poland was absolutely surreal. The location was exemplary for the concept, the director and the crew were remarkable, and it even rained almost the entire eight hours of filming (which made the feel of the video incomparable to anything I've ever done before)," she shares with Popdust of the video. "Everything seemed to fall perfectly into place for this project, and I'm ecstatic with how it turned out."

Drawing significant influence from the likes of pop-rocker P!nk and the late, great David Bowie, Black's debut is an impressive one. "Lie to me, say the words I crave or I'll stay in silence where I know it's safe," she laments. "Wish I could be what you need. Knew it was wrong, I knew from the start. By looking your way, it would break my heart. If I left you now, would you turn around."

"Lie to Me" samples Black's forthcoming, yet-untitled, debut album. "We're about halfway through recording my first album and it's coming along really well. I'm working with producers Mike Krompass and Robbie Nevil, and I honestly could not ask for a better team," she tells Vents magazine of the project. "Their work is unprecedented, and the writing chemistry between the three of us is insane! Each song came together naturally and felt right. I'm really lucky to be creating with them."

Black is expected to drop the album in 2017.

"Lie to Me" is out now on iTunes.

Watch below:


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