WTFF Is Wrong With James Franco? Drugs, Breakdown, Ridiculous Art Project?

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OK, can we all talk about that big, huge celebrity crazy-ass elephant in the room?

What the fucking FUCK is wrong with James Franco? Is his recent behavior down to drugs? Some kind of ever-evolving mental breakdown? Some utterly ridiculous art project a la Joaquin Phoenix?!!!

Following hot on the heels of a slew of utterly weird and crazy Franco incidents, the Freaks and Geeks alum submitted his latest installation in instability—posting an uber creepy selfie on showing him semi-naked, underpants hoisted down, one hand rummaging through his pubes.

Franco (or perhaps his publicist?!!) appears to have quickly undergone a very wise change of heart and the bizarre pic was deleted from his instagram—but as we ALL know by now...nothing can ever really be redacted once it's been out there in the web-a-sphere...

Should we be like, intervening here? Not Popdust, certainly, but like, I dunno, Dr. Drew?

Long gone is the impossibly symmetrical Gucci Franco, the arm- chewing- masturbating for Oscar nominations Franco, and in his place is a disheveled, creeping on teenage girls, , hebephilic, masturbating for Instagram Franco.

Sooooo, where did it all go wrong?

Was it the 2011 Oscars? Can we just blame Anne Hathaway? Her pernicious influence, reaching it's long, pale arm even 3 years into the future and still fucking shit up?

James doesn't need an intervention. He needs an exorcism.

But why? Why would James Franco post a pic of himself cupping his flaccid wang?

Well, this video should help clear things up….

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