Have you guys been watching "Nashville," the ABC country music soap opera starring Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton? You probably should be, since it's fun and the music's good and it's got Mrs. Coach in it, but if you haven't been, you'll have another reason to soon enough—the presence of Wyclef Jean, ex-Fugee and "Gone Till November" hitmaker, who will be playing a music label head in an upcoming story arc. Jean tweeted about his new role, posting a pic with "thé hotest cast on T V":

Exciting—we don't think we've ever seen 'Clef act before, and we're sure he'll be fine. Of course, we're really only writing about this so we have an excuse to post this pic again, which is still one of the ten greatest things to ever happen to us:

We just hope this is how he shows up on set every day, and that he's constantly badgering J.D. Souther to take a ride with him in his passenger car.