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Xoller Shines on New Single "I Will Be Different for You"

Xoller's new single, "I Will Be Different for You" attests to her talent as a dream-pop star.

Xoller is an unsigned, dream-pop artist with major talent.

Her new single, "I Will Be Different for You" attests to her talent and stellar singing voice. The brainchild of Ella Zoller, who grew up listening to Elvis, Lana Del Rey, Beach House, Frank Sinatra, and The Magnetic Fields, the artist known as Xoller is presently living in Los Angeles, getting ready to drop her debut EP, Diamond In My Head, in August. She first released the single "Warning Shot," quickly followed by "Loom," and now she unleashes "I Will Be Different for You."

According to Xoller, "'I Will Be Different for You' is about all of the lies we tell ourselves and our partners in a new relationship. When you've failed in a past relationship, there is a frantic desire to convince yourself that you'll be different this time, even if you know deep down that you're talking out of your ass. You tell someone new, if only to convince yourself, 'I'll be better, like new, I won't make the same mistakes with you. I'll be who you met at the start, I won't change, we'll never part.'"

The song surfaces slowly in gleaming color, until a pounding kick drum enters, and Xoller's lush voice adds new layers to the lyrics, like watching a sky awash with smoldering hues. She sings, "I will be different for you / What they say about me won't be true / I'll love you forever and I'll never stray."

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