Pittsburgh native Mac Miller may claim to be a Steelers fan—what resident of the Steel City wouldn't?—but does he truly bleed black and gold? In honor of tonight being the kickoff of the NFL season, the folks at XXL decided to put Miller's love of the league's winningest franchise to the test. Mostly, the questions they lobbed at the rapper were easy shovel passes—how to spell the last name of QB Ben Roethlisberger, what Steelers tight end shares Mac's last name (Heath), and how many championships the team has won (six)—questions that any self-respecting Pitt native could answer in their sleep. But to his credit, Miller does nail them, missing only a relative toughie about the year Troy Polamalu was drafted (2003) and an extra-credit Q about how many Stanley Cups the Pittsburgh Penguins had won (three).

"Those are your Steelers questions??" asks an incredulous Miller at the end of the exam. "Do you think I'm like some superficial dude and I don't even love my city and my team? OBVIOUSLY I could answer those!" All right Mac, all right. Nobody likes a showoff. Check the quiz over at XXL—no shouting out answers though.