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Yazidi Teen Kidnapped Tortured Raped By ISIS Details Horrific Ordeal

The yazidi teen kidnapped raped isis horror story

A Yazidi teen is detailing the horrific ordeal she was forced to endure while being held captive by so-called Islamic State.

Two years ago, Nihad Barakat was kidnapped, trafficked, and held as a sex slave by the “jihadist” militant group.

ISIS abducted the then-15-year-old and 27 members of her family when they invaded her town of Sinjar, Iraq.

She has since escaped, but two of her brothers and two of her sisters are still being held prisoner.

Following her abduction, Barakat was transported to Syria where she was beaten and raped multiple times, forced to marry and eventually became pregnant.

She talks about the horrors she was subjected to in the documentary series Hayat in Iraq, which airs on British Muslim TV.

They raped us, they killed our men, they took our babies away from us.

The worst thing was the torture in Mosul.

We were beaten and raped continuously for two weeks.

Girls were taken from their families and raped constantly and then they were handed out to emirs (leaders).

I was pregnant after the second rape.

I didn't want to have a baby that came from them and after what they had done to me.

I tried to abort the child but was unable to.

My brother was with me and they said if anything happened to the baby they would kill us both.

They told me I had to become a Muslim.

Barakat reveals her kidnapper was Siddhartha Dhar, a London-born father-of-four, who now goes by the name Abu Ramaysah.

Ramaysah has since become one of the most senior commanders among foreign fighters in Mosul, ISIS’ Iraqi base camp.

He’s been identified as the successor to “Jihadi John,” AKA Mohammed Emwazi, the infamous masked executioner of hostages seen and heard in early ISIS propaganda videos.

Emwazi was killed in a drone strike last November—and Ramaysah has taken over as chief executioner and ISIS propaganda mouthpiece.

Ramaysah can be seen hard at work in an ISIS video from earlier this year.

The sickening video shows Ramaysah shooting five kneeling British men, ISIS claims were spies, in the back of the head.

Ramaysah’s sister, Konika Dhar, identified her brother as the executioner who can be heard talking in the video.

During which he vows:

[ISIS will] descend on the streets of London, Paris and Washington [to] spill your blood...erase your history...convert your children.

Ramaysah hasn’t always been a fanatical Islamist—he was actually born and raised in a liberal Hindu household—and is new to the terrorist game, having arrived in Syria in 2014.

Before his radicalization, he was known as Sid—he liked to throw back beers with his mates and watch action movies.

He was a “fun-loving” Arsenal fan, and loved to watch basketball.

Sid aspired to be a NHS dentist, and, when that didn’t pan out, he sold inflatable bouncy castles, a staple at kids’ parties.

Ramaysah’s family say he 'changed' as a teenager though, following his father’s death.

He converted to Islam, denounced TV and music and slept on the floor.

He even told his mother he couldn't love her anymore, because she is not a Muslim.

During questioning by the British home affairs select committee back in January, Konika Dhar said she believed her “vulnerable” brother was "brainwashed" and influenced by the "wrong crowd.”

She said she refused to give up hope for him, and was still struggling to believe he had become such a different person from the one she knew.

My opinion will always be biased because he's my brother—I don't want to believe he is who he is today and I stand by that.

I still don't want to associate the activities [of ISIS] with my brother—I know that may be difficult to believe but it's because he's my brother.

As far as I'm concerned I grew up with a different person.

I don't want to give up on him.

I think that's a mistake many families make, if they give up on a loved one who has gone out.

I want him home because I am determined to have him come home as the person I remember.

If that can't be done then maybe that's something I have to accept but I haven't reached that point that.

Families shouldn't give up all hope because that's when it's doomed and there's no going back.

The mistake any family member can make is giving up on their loved one... giving up on the hope they might return to a normal state.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of the 1.6 billion plus Muslims around the world are united in their condemnation of ISIS and repudiate the terror group’s claim that they are fighting a “holy war.”

Muslim scholars published a 17-page open letter condemning ISIS.

In it, they accuse the group of "cherry-picking” verses from the Koran to justify its actions.

They argue that Islam forbids forced conversions, slavery, torture, the killing of innocents and the disfiguring of the dead.

And, citing religious texts, the scholars point out that Islam forbids the mistreatment "in any way" of Christians or "people of the book," and that it is "obligatory" to consider Yazidis — members of a religious minority that ISIS fighters have attacked and enslaved — as part of that group.

The letter, was translated into 10 different languages, and signed by more than 120 supporters—ranging from the grand mufti of Egypt to the professor of Islamic studies at Massachusetts’ College of the Holy Cross.

In an excellent article from last year, the New Statesman argues that ISIS has seized upon Islam as a means to fight a war that is all to do with politics and power, and nothing to do with religion.

And well, just because ISIS claims they are fighting in the name of Islam doesn’t mean they actually are.

I mean, how many Christians believe the Westboro Church are Christian?

And that it carries out its poisonous and disgusting actions in the name of Christianity?

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The yazidi teen kidnapped raped isis horror story

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yazidi teen kidnapped raped isis


The yazidi teen kidnapped raped isis horror story

yazidi teen kidnapped raped isis

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